Audrea Brunke

Audrea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University and currently works as a para planner at Harper Financial Strategies. With honesty, compassion, integrity, and precision, she ensures everyone’s financial snapshot is up to date for Garrett, enabling him to swiftly identify RMDs, explore better returns, and navigate tax law or Fed Rate changes. Audrea excels in managing IRA and HSA deposits, providing timely reminders when they linger on the “to-do” pile. She is passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their finances, offering effortless experiences through effective communication and valuable knowledge.

Beyond her role at HFS, Audrea actively serves as a member of the financial committee at St. John the Evangelist and holds the position of Treasurer for Boy Scouts group #774. Additionally, she takes charge as the volunteer coordinator at St. Peter’s Catholic School. Coordinating comes naturally to her! Alongside her husband, Audrea successfully manages a household with eight children, which surprisingly isn’t their biggest challenge each year. They also lead an annual 63-mile pilgrimage, attracting around 300 participants. This mission holds great significance for their entire family, providing a profoundly fulfilling and unforgettable experience.