Who We Work Best With

We have clients from varying backgrounds, but they all share the following traits:

Appreciates Life

They understand there’s only so much time in the life we have and creating long lasting EXPERIENCES mean more than STUFF.  “Quality of Life”, “Freedom”, and “Peace of Mind” are important phrases when thinking about financial goals.

Enjoys a Holistic, Comprehensive Approach

They like the clarity of having a lead advisor that knows their entire financial picture, acting as their “Chief Possibilities Officer”.

Is a Delegator

They recognize that they are “wearing too many hats” in their financial life and are comfortable allowing qualified professionals to take over tasks and responsibilities that take away from the truly important areas of their life.

Are Accountable

They understand that achieving things they never have, means doing things they have never done.  Achieving goals is not easy, but they are willing to commit to a number of tasks that will make the journey extremely fulfilling.

Are Selective in their Partnerships

They are careful about who they choose to partner with, and they only do so with companies, organizations, and individuals that share their values and goals.

How We Work Together

Support on every step of your journey: Unlimited phone call, email, text, remote and in-person consultation time.

 Get Organized

 Understanding all the different elements of your financial situation can feel like a big job.  We simplify this process with our data collection tools available 24/7.  By getting a clear picture of where you’re at right now, we can help guide you towards where you want to be.  

Develop Your Vision

Imagine your ideal life; the experiences you want to have, the goals you want to accomplish, and the lifestyle you desire.  Understanding your aspirations is crucial as it enables us to chart a course of action tailored to your specific objectives.

Execute Your Plan

By knowing what you want to achieve, we provide tailored recommendations and guidance including all areas of your financial well-being.  You have full control over the steps to be taken and the pace at which they are implemented.   

Ongoing Planning

Once our initial process is completed, we transition into a “review and monitoring” phase. As you live out your vision, various factors may evolve. Through regular plan reviews, we ensure that your financial strategy adapts to these changes, keeping you on track as life happens.

Our Services

Tax Planning & Optimization

Cash Flow Management

Retirement Planning

Risk Management

Employee Benefits

Entity Structure Optimization

Estate Planning

Investment Management

What It Costs

$1,250 one-time upfront fee + fixed fee starting at $292/month

(paid monthly, quarterly, or annually)

No additional fee for managing investments

For comparison, a typical advisory firm requires a minimum investment account size to work with them and charges a fee between 1.0% and 1.5%. On an account size of $1,000,000, the fee would typically be between $10,000 and $15,000 annually.

“All Inclusive” ongoing financial planning and investment management services

Ensures the service & advice you receive is always in your best interest. No worries about getting billed for an extra hour of work. We make a recommendation because it makes sense for you, it doesn’t affect our compensation.