Michelle Wilkus

Michelle is a highly experienced professional who has dedicated over 6 years of her career to working for HFS. Within our organization, she plays a vital role as the primary point of contact for anything service-related, and her cheerful demeanor is what greets clients when they call or visit our office. With an extensive background in banking and customer relations spanning over 12 years, Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she gladly utilizes to assist our valued clients with their diverse needs.

Michelle is genuinely passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients and takes great pleasure in helping them in any way possible. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in her proactive approach and unwavering commitment to finding solutions. If there is ever a question or concern that she doesn’t have an immediate answer to, rest assured she will go above and beyond to acquire the necessary information and promptly address the issue at hand. Michelle’s relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures that our clients receive the support they need, fostering a positive and trusting relationship with HFS.

While Michelle devotes her time to HFS on a part-time basis, she effectively manages her responsibilities and consistently exceeds expectations. Outside of her professional endeavors, she cherishes her leisure time, making the most of it by enjoying the company of her friends. Furthermore, Michelle and her husband, Dan, have been able to embark on exciting travel adventures now that their three boys, Matt, Chris, and Jacob, have grown up. Exploring new destinations and creating lasting memories with her loved ones adds a vibrant touch to Michelle’s life outside the office.